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Luxury cotton breastfeeding tops & pyjamas

Breastfeeding can be a chilly business! Our snuggly-warm pyjamas are made of 100% organic cotton. They also have fleecy-lined tops & super comfy wide legged bottoms. Banish freezing nights with our high-necked, long-bodied pyjamas that don’t let the draughts in. Simply pop the poppers and feed your little one! We also have long-sleeved cotton maternity tops. Specially designed for daytime nursing, they also feature our trademark quick-snap poppers for discreet feeding wherever you are.

Quality maternity clothing

All of our maternity garments are designed for comfort, durability and warmth. We took a long time, making many design tweaks and scouring loads of fabric samples over two years. We finally arrived at products that we are truly happy with. Quality was at the forefront of our motivation – we wanted to produce nursing clothes that would last the duration of your feeding journey wether it be 6 weeks or 6 years (or longer!).

Nursing support

It was also important to us to make the breastfeeding journey as easy as possible. So many mothers feel anxious and self-conscious about the nursing experience. Our tops are designed to give a new breastfeeder confidence – just simply pop and feed! Once the poppers are open, they leave a lightweight flap which lets you just crack on and feed discreetly in any setting without any flesh on display. Anything that makes breastfeeding easier is a winner in our eyes! If you feel you need any support about your choice head over to the nhs website.

So what’s the verdict from customers?

  • “I absolutely love my Peekaboobie top… Genius design! I haven’t seen anything else like it. I loved it so much that I didn’t want to put it in the wash, so I wiped the sick off my shoulder and wore it the following day, as well.”
    – Katy Baker
  • “One of my most-worn tops as a new mother – Peekaboobie has completely changed the way I breastfeed in public. Their maternity top has given me a lot more confidence when out and about.”
    – Emma Stokes

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