Who’s behind Peekaboobie?

We are a wife (who had an idea) and husband (who believes in the idea) with a 3-year-old daughter (who loves the idea). I’m a graphic designer, he works in civil engineering, and she still breastfeeds. Despite knowing almost nothing about clothing manufacture, we saw a need for breastfeeding tops that really work. So we did something about it.

So why breastfeeding tops?

I was breastfeeding my newborn baby to sleep sometime in the early hours of the morning. My pyjama top was unbuttoned to my navel and I was freezing cold. And fed up. I wanted to be WARM! I wanted to be COMFORTABLE!!

That moment was the start of a three-year journey towards creating the line of maternity tops I wished I could already buy. I’m a t-shirt-and-jeans kinda girl, but all I could find were tight Lycra tops with openings that needed to be prised apart. Or mumsy tops with swathes of fabric to move out the way. I was looking for something simple and comfortable.

So that’s what we’ve designed. We’ve navigated our way through this exciting process, learning a huge amount along the way. We’ve finally emerged with a product we’re very excited about. And which helps mums to breastfeed comfortably at home and confidently in public.

Our company’s name, Peekaboobie® is a registered Trade Mark (UK00003271541) and our unique design is protected with Design Registration (6061186).