How we solved the issue

There are so many benefits to breastfeeding but being cold at night while breastfeeding is definitely not one of them. The reality of breastfeeding at night in Winter is Freezing. Cold. Boobs.

“Drives me crazy that I can’t pull the duvet up over me
when I’m freezing.”

“She kicks the covers off both of us so I’m freezing to
add to the general sleep deprivation!”

“Does anyone else have a baby that has to sleep with a boob
in their mouth for most of the night? And with it being winter
I’m practically sleeping topless and freezing cold.”

These are very common laments on Facebook breastfeeding support sites. 

Before I dreamt up the design for ‘Peekaboobie’ I would be propped up in bed with my pyjama top unbuttoned to my navel umpteen times a night feeding my lg back to sleep. I was freezing and SO fed up. This was definitely not the image I had in mind when I pictured my breastfeeding journey. I didn’t even bedshare with my little girl when she was a baby because I quite simply couldn’t figure out how to keep myself warm enough to get any sleep while not putting my baby in any danger. 

Being wide awake (and freezing cold) in the middle of the night is a great time to let your imagination go free and I found myself fantasizing about the perfect design for toasty-warm pyjamas: They had to have a seal-able flap (no need to hold anything open or out of the way) that didn’t let draughts in. A nice high neck and long body for maximum coverage. The top needed to be fleecy lined for extra toasty warmth and they should be organic cotton too. It was equally important to me that the pyjamas had to be stylish, comfortable and manufactured to high standards – they needed to last.

Once I had got that far the name just popped into my head and we were off! Peekaboobie was born approximately 1.5 years later (I realise this is a very long gestation period but these things take time… !). 

View the pyjamas

Our 100% organic cotton pyjamas have a lovely thick top with a fleecy inside and matching comfy, stretchy bottoms. The long-sleeved, high-necked top gives you maximum draught protection while breastfeeding at night, and they’re sleepy-easy thanks to our trademark fast-access popper openings. The pretty pink top contrasts with a white and pink stripe trim and trouser, so you will feel happy to have unexpectedly answer the door in your pjs!

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What people think

“I ordered some PJs as a gift for a friend who’s expecting her first child.
She was over the moon with them! The fabric is so so soft and comfortable –
they’re gorgeous anyway, but with the added benefit of making feeding easier.
Thanks Peekaboobie!” 
Abbey Jones, North Yorkshire

“These pyjamas are absolutely incredible, so comfortable and fit so well.
Since receiving my pyjamas I have practically lived in them,
with the cold nights drawing in they are the perfect thing to
keep you lovely and cosy and warm whilst feeding. Highly recommended.”
Jenny Gregory, North Yorkshire