A few days after Christmas and my lg is away for a couple of nights with her Daddy. At 3.75 years old this was her BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER! We all had a blast – the big feast on Christmas Eve with Christmas Day all about presents and leftovers.

It was all quite overwhelming for H and when she noticed that the presents had appeared under the tree on Christmas Eve. She wailed, “How can I wait till tomorrow…?”  through tears for about five minutes. She nursed to sleep surprisingly easily that night then unfortunately awoke at 4.10 am (which I suppose was technically ‘tomorrow’ even if it didn’t really feel like it…). Even The Mighty Power of The Boobs couldn’t get her back to sleep. 🙁

We entertained H upstairs till 6 am when we finally relented and went downstairs where the carnage began. First the stocking – it contained 5 presents so we whipped through that fairly quickly. We then allowed her to open a present (second-hand lego) while we waiting for relatives to arrive for the main event. My sister and her 6 year old son had stayed too and I was very proud of H as she sat patiently watching E open (both) his stockings.

After the last peeps arrived there was a flurry of wrapping paper as the two children savaged their way through their given presents. When H had exhausted her modest pile she ran around the room like an adrenalin fuelled wrestler shouting “MORE PRESENTS! MORE PRESENTS!”. Thankfully her crash back to earth after realising that she had no more was not toooo painful.

All in all we had a brilliant day. H was too overwhelmed to eat much but thankfully (as always) breastfeeding came to the rescue. It helped calm her down and made sure she went to sleep in the standard 5 minutes flat at bedtime. Win win!

Merry Christmas to all you lovely peeps out there!